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Jade Tuncdoruk

When you guys were together did amir ever see you naked ?

Asked by Anonymous


So I bought the same dress that Kim Kardashian for the pre-Grammys but I'm unsure what shoes to wear can you help me out please lovey ? It's for a really big fancy wedding xx

Asked by thefine-st

Black or silver I think. Won’t they be hidden anyway?

Is it possible to like someone you've never met? Me and this guy have been talking for about half a year now and he's so incredibly attractive and got an amazing personality from what I can see. He helps me with my problems all the time and he gives great advice. I'm starting to develop feelings for him and I haven't even met the guy. I'm not sure why I feel this way.

Asked by Anonymous

I think in this day and age it is possible. As weird as it seems. I mean we don’t just like people for the physicality right? We fall for their personality too. I think in a lot of ways you can like someone you’ve never met.

What happened! You guys were perfect for each other awww hope your ok lovely!

Asked by Anonymous

I’m okay :) he still loves me, I still love him. If we stayed together we would have become bitter towards each other. At least this way we are on good terms and who knows what could happen some day in the future xx

what do u think of ariana grande?

Asked by Anonymous

She’s cute but why she dressed like that